Experience the Luxury of Vilicci Car Air Fresheners: A Guide to Proper Usage

Experience the Luxury of Vilicci Car Air Fresheners: A Guide to Proper Usage

Vilicci, we believe that every drive should be an experience to remember. That's why we've crafted our premium car air fresheners to not only fill your vehicle with delightful scents but also to elevate your journey to a whole new level of luxury. To ensure you get the most out of your Vilicci experience, here's a guide on how to properly use our hanging car air fresheners. 

Step 1: Unscrew the Wooden Lid 

Begin by unscrewing the wooden lid from the glass bottle. The wooden lid is not just a functional element but also adds a touch of elegance to your car's interior. 

Step 2: Remove the Sealing Cap 

Once the wooden lid is removed, take off the sealing cap from the bottle. This cap helps preserve the freshness of the fragrance until you're ready to use it. 

Step 3: Screw the Wooden Lid Back On 

After removing the sealing cap, screw the wooden lid back onto the bottle. Ensure it's securely tightened to prevent any leaks. 

Step 4: Turn the Bottle Over for 5-8 Seconds 

With the wooden lid securely in place, turn the bottle over for 5-8 seconds. This allows the fragrance oil to saturate the wooden lid, enhancing the scent's diffusion. 

Step 5: Hang it on the Rear View Mirror 

Now that the fragrance is ready, hang the Vilicci car air freshener on your rearview mirror using the attached string. The positioning of the freshener allows for optimal scent dispersion throughout your vehicle. 

Step 6: Repeat Once a Week 

To maintain a consistent fragrance level, repeat the process once a week or as desired. Simply turn the bottle over, and enjoy the renewed scent experience. 

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