The Ultimate Sensory Experience: Vilicci Scents Paired with Custom Playlists

The Ultimate Sensory Experience: Vilicci Scents Paired with Custom Playlists
At Vilicci, we understand that a fragrance can do more than just scent a space—it can create an atmosphere, evoke emotions, and even transport you to another place. To elevate this sensory journey, we’ve paired each of our distinctive fragrances with a specially curated Spotify playlist. This unique blend of scent and sound offers you a full sensory immersion, allowing you to not only smell the fragrance but also feel its vibe through music.  Visit our Spotify profile here.

How Music Enhances the Fragrance Experience

Like scents, music has the power to influence our mood, feelings, and even memories. By combining the two, we enhance their effects, creating a deeper, more profound sensory experience. Each playlist is carefully crafted to complement the mood and character of its corresponding fragrance, forming a perfect harmony of notes and tunes.

Explore Our Signature Scents and Their Musical Pairings

Fallen Angel

Immerse yourself in the serene vibe of Fallen Angel, with its floral woody notes and subtle hints of seawater. The accompanying playlist features tracks that echo the tranquility and freshness of a morning by the sea, perfectly complementing the light, aromatic profile of the fragrance.

Tobacco Vanilla

Tobacco Vanilla exudes a gentle yet powerful aura, blending rich tobacco leaf with warm vanilla and cacao. Its playlist features a selection of tracks that enhance the scent’s sophisticated, luxurious feel, ideal for creating an atmosphere of refined elegance.

Modern Animal

Energize your senses with Modern Animal, a vibrant mix of pear, lavender, mint, bergamot, and lemon. The playlist for this fragrance is filled with lively and uplifting tracks that mirror its fresh citrus and fruity notes, perfect for invigorating any space.

Pharaoh in a Tie

Experience the exotic and welcoming essence of Pharaoh in a Tie, with its sultry blend of tangerine, leather, amber, and cinnamon. The chosen music enhances the warm, spicy undertones of the scent, creating a captivating, adventurous atmosphere.

Additional Fragrances

Each Vilicci fragrance, from the refreshing floral notes of Diamond Spirit to the sweet, intoxicating hints of Champagne and Soirees, is paired with a playlist that enhances its unique characteristics. Discover all the playlists on our Spotify profile and find the perfect scent and sound combination that resonates with you.

How to Enjoy the Paired Experience

To fully embrace this immersive experience, we recommend setting up your space with the chosen Vilicci fragrance and playing the corresponding playlist. Allow yourself to be enveloped in the ambiance, whether you’re relaxing at home, driving, or working. This combination promises to significantly enhance your environment and mood.


Vilicci’s innovative approach to combining scent with sound offers a unique way to experience fragrances. By engaging both your sense of smell and your auditory senses, we provide a more holistic understanding of each scent's vibe and its impact on your mood and surroundings.

Visit our Spotify profile here to start your sensory journey with Vilicci, and transform your perception of what a fragrance can do.

This approach is not just about creating a pleasant atmosphere; it’s about crafting memorable, multisensory experiences that elevate the ordinary to something truly extraordinary.

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