Vilicci Gift Set

Vilicci Gift Set

Embark on a sensory journey with the Vilicci Bestsellers Gift Set, where each fragrance tells a story, evokes a memory, and inspires a dream. This exclusive collection features our four most beloved scents: Tobacco Vanilla, Fallen Angel, Pharaoh In a Tie, and Modern Animal, all elegantly presented in a handcrafted wooden box. It's an ode to the art of fine fragrance and the subtle elegance of personal expression.

Inside the Bestsellers Gift Set

Fallen Angel: Capture the essence of a serene morning by the sea with Fallen Angel. This fragrance harmonizes floral and woody notes of freesia and oakmoss with the freshness of seawater, evoking a tranquil haven where every breath is a moment of peace.
Tobacco Vanilla: Discover the gentle strength of Tobacco Vanilla, where the deep aroma of tobacco leaf blends seamlessly with the warm, inviting notes of vanilla and cacao. A scent that balances masculinity and femininity, it adds a sophisticated touch to any moment.
Pharaoh In a Tie: Delight in the light, inviting scent of Pharaoh In a Tie. A fusion of tangerine and amber, spiced with cinnamon, creates a captivating blend of creamy and woody notes, revealing an irresistible allure with every spray.
Modern Animal: Dive into the boldness of Modern Animal, a fragrance that combines opulent woody notes with the richness of saffron and cinnamon spices. It's a scent that speaks of passion, power, and the wild spirit within.


    A Gift That Tells a Story

    The Vilicci Bestsellers Gift Set is more than a collection of fragrances; it's an invitation to explore the diverse landscapes of scent. Each fragrance has been carefully selected for its distinctive character and ability to create an ambiance, making this set the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates the power of a great scent.

    Presented in a beautifully crafted wooden box, this gift set is a testament to Vilicci's dedication to craftsmanship and quality. It's an ideal way to introduce someone to the Vilicci collection or to give a loved one the gift of choice, allowing them to discover their favorite fragrance.

    Embark on a Fragrance Adventure

    With the Vilicci Bestsellers Gift Set, every day is an opportunity to explore new horizons of scent. These fragrances are companions for life's journey, unlocking stories, memories, and dreams with each note. Choose Vilicci, and transform ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.

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